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Investment Services

Insurance : About Insurance POS

One stop solution for all kinds of Insurances from multiple companies with its service partner to offer need-based insurance products such as four-wheeler and two-wheeler insurance, life and health insurance to target the customers in the Tier 2/Tier 3 cities. Customers can avail this facility by reaching their nearest retail outlet. Alevant is a Composite Corporate Agent & authorized to provide insurance solutions in India.

Service Benefits:

Lowest premium
Margins Instantly Credited
Paperless Process

No Medical Checkup in Health Insurance

Self Inspection for Vehicle Insurance

Travel Insurance

Two-Wheeler/ Private/ Commercial Vehicle

Demat Account

A demat account (short for “dematerialized account”) is an account to hold
financial securities (equity or debt) in electronic form. In India, demat accounts are maintained by two depository organisations, National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services Limited. Depositories and the strict regulatory framework make your demat account extremely safe from frauds but an investor should always be vigilant. Most demat accounts are opened simultaneously with online trading accounts.

Mutual Fund

Customers can invest through Alevant Shoppe Retailers . This investment can be in Equity , Hybrid , Balanced or Liquid funds . Mutual Fund holds higher potential to serve as a good investment Opportunity . Advantages of Mutual Fund

There are several advantages to mutual funds. Some of these are:
  • Since the investments are actually by experts, investors are not required to have an expert understanding of the markets and how they function.
  • The investment in a mutual fund can be done in a lump sum or in instalments.
  • Investments made in tax saver mutual funds are exempt from tax under section 80C.
  • Investors can chose the risk level from low, medium and high risk funds based on their appetite for risk.
  • Risks are mitigated by investment the money in different stocks and bonds.
  • Mutual funds that don’t have lock in periods can offer liquidity when needed.
  • There is no need for large sums of money to begin investing in mutual funds.
  • Invests can also be made in SIPs, (systematic investment plans) where a specific amount can be paid towards the mutual fund every month.

Disadvantages of Mutual Funds The main disadvantage that a mutual fund may have is that, unlike fixed deposits or other such investments, there is a factor of risk involved. While fixed deposits provide steady and safe growth, the growth in a mutual fund depends on the market performance and can provide returns or even cause
the investor to incur a loss.